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Professional Tips for Healthy Hair

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There’s a lot of conjecture on the internet about how often one should wash their hair. Some swear by every other day, others no more than once a week. But the truth is there’s no real hard and fast rule that guarantees hair health. It depends on your hair type. Dhiran Mistry of David Mallett Salon in NYC explains, “Daily washing can drastically dry out the hair https://clickbet88.art/ but there are less stringent shampoos that can moisturize more than others, which is a good middle ground for shampooing daily without drying it out too much. ” He adds that some people with really thin hair still like the feeling of clean, dry hair as it can make the hair seem fuller with more texture. Those with thick hair don’t need to wash as often because the hair absorbs more of the natural oils the scalp generates.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

Mistry is pretty blunt about this: a split end is a split end. “I often see people that haven’t had cuts in a while with longer hair and thin ends. This is because they are only focused on length and not consistency. What happens is that the roots feel thicker and the ends feel more sparse.” As a general rule, those who do more to their hair—e.g., coloring, heat styling, and treatments like keratin, should cut their hair every eight weeks.

Minimize Heat Styling If Possible

In an ideal world, says Mistry, “Styling hair should be left for special occasions. Finer hair can be air dried, thicker hair can be [heat] dried but then left for a week before washing again. Frizzier hair that needs some sort of resetting can be done so using a water spritz.” In other words, keep heat styling to a minimum to protect your hair and hair cuticle. Another tip: “Understanding your hair, and how to get the most from its natural texture, will allow you to rely more on products and less on heat styling. Products will help protect your hair as well as enhance a shape or texture.” If you absolutely must style? Blow dryers apply much less direct heat to your hair than straighteners, says Mistry.

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Cold Water Makes Your Hair Look Shinier

One easy way to give your hair a little gleam is to lower the temperature of your shower. “Cold rinses when you wash your hair will close the cuticle. A closed cuticle reflects the light, leaving the hair looking shiny,” says Mistry. If you want added shine, use protecting oil, cream, or serum to give your strands some gleam.

If Color Your Hair, Space Out the Appointments

Lionel Atlzas, colorist at David Mallett, suggests spacing out color treatments to minimize stress on your strands—especially between when you are doing your roots or getting highlights. “The best way for your hair to heal is to space out your color appointments while nourishing and hydrating your hair at home with masks that you could do once a week for about 5-10 minutes.”

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