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10 Things to See in Borneo

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Indonesia has abundant and extensive natural resources. The country has a gift of natural beauty that is very beautiful and fascinating. One of them is in the Kalimantan Island which is also well known as the island of Borneo. The island is divided into five regions which are West Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan.

Although not as popular as the island of Bali, Borneo has many unusual tourist attractions. Having a diverse landscape your vacation or journey to Kalimantan will not be bored. These tourist attractions in Kalimantan must go to your next visit list. Here are 10 things to see in Borneo.

1. Kapuas River

Kapuas is the longest river in Indonesia and one of tourist attractions in Borneo you should not miss. The river which is one of the arteries of Pontianak’s people’s lives has many roles. One of them is as a means of transportation that facilitates the mobility of local residents. You can also try down the Kapuas River and see its natural beauty.

2. Tanjung Puting National Park

When it comes to tourist attractions on the island of Borneo, Tanjung Puting National Park should not be missed. This national park which is located in Central Kalimantan Province has become an icon of nature and wildlife reserves.

Traveling here you can enjoy the unique tropical forests of Borneo coupled with the presence of orangutans that are guarded in this national park. Besides being able to see orangutans from a short distance, if you are lucky, you can also see other animals such as bears, deer, proboscis monkeys and stray cats.

3. Tahai Lake

The beauty of Lake Tahai in Palangkaraya City must also be included in your tour list. This natural tourist attractions offers the beauty of an amazing lake. For those of you who like trekking can go around Lake Tahai and capture the moment with nature. If you are lucky, you can meet some typical animals such as monkeys that live around the Lake Tahai.

4. Kelam Hill

Bukit Kelam is a giant rock mountain located in West Kalimantan Island. Kelam Hill, which become an icon of tourist attractions in Sintang Regency, still holds various mysteries. This giant monolithic boulder is claimed to be the largest in the world.

This hilly region offers a panorama of breathtaking natural beauty. You can go trekking to the top of the hill to see the beauty of Sintang City. Visitors can comfortably do trekking here because ladders have been provided to make easier for climbers.

5. Lok Baintan Floating Market

The Lok Baintan Floating Market has become an icon of tourist attractions that must be visited when visiting the South Kalimantan region. The market which is also commonly called the Martapura River Floating Market is a favorite place for tourists to get to know the traditions of the people of Kalimantan.

Apart from its uniqueness, this floating market can also be a cool photo spot. You can also interact directly with the local people here because shopping at a floating market is one of the traditions that is still maintained today. The buying and selling activity at Lok Baintan Floating Market starts from 6 am to 8 am.

6. White Sand Beaches of Derawan Islands

Derawan Islands of Borneo is called the hidden paradise on the eastern tip of East Borneo. The charm of the clean white sand beaches has proven to attract many tourists. In Derawan Islands, you can explore several small islands using a boat. One of them is Gusung Island which is famous for its clean white sand. Here, visitors can get many unique spots to take pictures.

7. Haji Mangku Cave

Goa Haji Mangku, also known as Goa Biru (Blue Cave), has unmatched beauty. Lake with exotic blue water is still maintained its beauty. If you want to see the natural beauty of Goa Haji Mangku, visit Maratua Island, located in East Kalimantan.

The location of the cave is in the middle of a forest surrounded by lush trees. Starting with light trekking through a small forest, visitors must be extra careful in choosing a foothold because of its typical sharp-nosed path. Arriving at the location after about 10 minutes walking through the shady trees, then look to the bottom side. Visitors will be welcomed by the cave’s lips which form like an elongated natural pool with clear blue water.

8. Rian Mountain Waterfall

The national tourism of Mount Rian Waterfall is located in the area of Safari Rian Village, Sesayap Regency, North Kalimantan. The beauty of this exotic waterfall with a height of 90 meters attracts tourists to visit because it provides beautiful and natural scenery. To get here, you have to go through seven levels that are very steep. Curious?

9. Long Bawan

The Long Bawan mountain area is located in Krayan Village, Nunukan Regency, North Borneo. This hidden village cannot be accessed by land, only through air. Hidden behind the mountains of wild Borneo makes this place has cool atmosphere.

Here, visitors can explore the forest, explore flora and fauna, enjoy views of rice fields and buffalo farms. Uniquely, visitors can also enjoy Parisanan and Bari Tubing dances played by the Lundaye (Dayak Tribe) who occupy this village.

10. Labuan Cermin Lake

This beautiful lake is located in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. The Labuan Cermin Lake is one of tourist objects that is often visited by foreign and local tourists. It has a very clear blue water like a glass. The lake has two layers of water, the top layer has a fresh taste, and the bottom has a salty taste. Strangely, the taste of the two waters did not mix at all. This is why Labuan Cermin has also a nickname, Lake Dua Rasa (two tastes lake).

The color of the water is graded from dark blue, light blue, white as well as green in the outer area of the lake. You can also see the bottom of the lake clearly from above the surface of the water Slot Gacor even though the depth of the lake is more than three meters. You can swim, dive or snorkeling in this place.

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