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Types of Fashion Styles for Men – Kalibrado

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Men’s fashion has gone through a lot of evolution over time, with each decade bringing up something new to the table.

To ensure you don’t miss anything and stay up to date with the fashion trends, whether retro or modern, we have come up with 49 fashion styles for men you don’t want to miss.

So let’s jump into it without any ado!

In the following part of the article, we will https://maritimjatim.info/ discuss different fashion styles, tips and tricks on rocking the look, and everything else you need to know. That being said, let’s get to the real stuff!

1. 70s Fashion Style

To perfectly rock the look, you have to take the help of some customization here since 70s fashion is quite rare these days. Moreover, a pinch of boldness will help pull it off in a world of minimalist style.

2. 80s Fashion Style

In a nutshell, 80s fashion is all about dad jeans and denim jackets. However, T-shirts and loose shirts are also quite popular among teenagers and adult men. Some also refer to the 80s as the time of “excess” of bright colors and catchy silhouettes.

You can rock the 80s fashion style by wearing anything, including preppy polo shirts and other outfits like overall denim, short shorts, and tight tees. Athletic wear is also a pretty popular fashion from the 80s.

3. 90s fashion style

The 90s era is still considered the peak point of men’s fashion. It consisted of many men’s fashion, from minimalism to excess and anything in between. It still serves as an inspiration for many fabulous men’s looks.

To get the 90s fashion, just pick up your turtleneck, pair of baggy jeans, and those oversized windbreakers from your wardrobe. Or, if you want to go a bit more casual, you could use your denim jackets instead.

4. Artsy style

Artsy style is all about looking unique. Thus, it has a lot of hippy influence when studied closely. It’s all about expressing your overall personality through your outfit. This means you must go a bit out of the box, unique, like yourself.

As to what precisely should you wear to look artsy, perhaps anything? There’s no fashion clothing attached explicitly to this style. So as long as it puts a little bit of ‘you’ out there, anything could be artsy ;).

5. Athleisure style

The athleisure style combines various aspects of casual and athletic wear and turns them into a beautiful combination of convenience and style.

The athleisure style focuses mainly on providing the wearer ultimate comfort and mobility and keeping the body ventilated throughout the day.

How to get the look? Well, it has to be the easiest among all. Mix some sporty stuff with your usual daywear, like a blazer instead of a jacket. You have successfully pulled off your athleisure style!

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