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What are the Types of Espresso Drinks? Come check it out here!

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What are the Types of Espresso Drinks? Come check it out here!

For those of you who are coffee lovers, you must be familiar with the term Espresso. But, did you know that ground coffee brewed using a coffee press machine has many types of variants? If you are still confused about what types of Espresso drinks are? This article is the answer to your question. So let’s watch it until the end, so you can become the most Espresso person.

1. Espresso Shots

Espresso shot is a coffee drink consisting of one or two double shots of Espresso produced from an Espresso machine. To make Espresso, the barista will prepare the Espresso machine by placing finely ground coffee into the portafilter. The portafilter is then inserted into the Espresso machine and hot water at high pressure for 30 seconds.

2. Ristretto

Ristretto has a deeper, more concentrated and richer coffee flavor than standard Espresso. The technique for making Ristretto is different from regular Espresso. Water is run through the coffee in a shorter time, resulting in a stronger, thicker coffee extraction.

3. Doppio

Doppio refers to two shots of Espresso extracted from an Espresso machine and served in one cup. Doppio usually has a stronger and more concentrated coffee taste compared to single espresso because it uses a larger amount of coffee.

4. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink consisting of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. Cappuccino usually has a strong, creamy and smooth coffee taste. The soft and thick texture of the milk foam provides richness and softness to the drink.

5. Caffe Latte

To make a Caffe Latte, the barista will extract one or two shots of Espresso, then add steamed milk in larger proportions than a Cappuccino. Typical Caffe Latte proportions are 1:6 Espresso, 4:6 steamed milk, and 1:6 milk foam. Caffe Latte has a softer coffee taste compared to Cappuccino because the proportion of milk is higher, but the coffee taste can still be felt.

6. Piccolo Latte

Piccolo Latte is made by extracting a shot of Espresso, then adding a little steamed milk in a cup that is smaller than a Latte or Cappuccino cup. The small proportion of milk gives the drink a smooth texture and viscosity, while the strong and concentrated coffee taste is maintained.

7. Mocha

Mocha is a combination of coffee and chocolate, giving it a strong coffee taste but also sweetness from chocolate. To make a Mocha, the barista will extract a shot or two of Espresso, then add steamed milk in the same proportion as the Caffe latte. After that, the barista will add chocolate syrup to the drink and mix well. The basic proportions of Mocha are 1:3 Espresso, 1:3 steamed milk, and 1:3 chocolate.

8. Espresso Macchiato

Espresso Macchiato is a coffee drink consisting of one or two shots of Espresso with a small amount of steamed milk added to the top of the Espresso. This drink has a strong and concentrated coffee taste, because the Espresso is not diluted with a lot of milk. Steamed milk added to the top of the Espresso adds a touch of smoothness to the drink and helps balance the strong coffee flavor.

9. Latte Macchiato

In Latte Macchiato, the proportions between milk and Espresso are reversed compared to Espresso Macchiato. This means that in this drink, more steamed milk is poured into the glass first, then Espresso is poured on top. Latte Macchiato has a smoother and slightly sweeter taste compared to other coffee drinks.

10. Americano

To make an Americano, the barista will extract one or two shots of Espresso, then add hot water to the cup containing the Espresso. The basic proportions of Americano are 1:1 or 1:2 between Espresso and hot water. Americano has a milder coffee taste compared to Espresso, but still maintains the strength and character of the coffee and visit us.

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